Axl Rose Took Shots at Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin, Who Tried to Fire Back

Spoiler alert: Mnuchin only had blanks.

Axl Rose is the most enigmatic of rock stars. The Guns N' Roses front man doesn’t release music nearly often enough, and he’s not prolific on social media. When he does unleash, oh boy, folks pay attention.

The Hall of Famer let fly with a tweet Wednesday night, taking full aim at Steve Mnuchin, the polarizing Secretary of the Treasury.

“It’s official! Whatever anyone may have previously thought of Steve Mnuchin he’s officially an asshole,” Rose tweeted.

Mnuchin shot back, and it didn't go that well. “What have you done for the country lately?,” read his tweet, which he completed with an emoji of what he apparently thought was the Stars and Stripes, but was, in fact, the Liberian flag; it appears a chastised Mnuchin later switched the actual flag of the country he works for.

The typically reclusive Rose was not done, though. He responded, "My bad I didn’t get we’re hoping 2 emulate Liberia’s economic model but on the real unlike this admin I’m not responsible for 70k+ deaths n’ unlike u I don’t hold a fed gov position of responsibility 2 the American people n’ go on TV tellin them 2 travel the US during a pandemic."

The action continued in the Twitter thread, where Democrats and Republicans piled on. And if you thought all this was weird, the Twitter dust-up very briefly turned Twilight Zone. White House Correspondent Philip Crowther and others claim called out Mnuchin for deleting the earlier response with the Liberian flag. The two look similar, with one glaring difference: Liberia's flag has just one star to the United States' 50. The tweet was screengrabbed for posterity (see below).

It not clear what provoked Rose's tweet, his first since Trump visited an Arizona-based Honeywell 3M factory manufacturing N-95 protective masks on Tuesday (May 5), during which he blasted GNR's cover of "Live and Let Die," despite the rockers not giving their consent.

Rose isn’t just a never Trumper. He despises the POTUS and his administration. The prickly singer has taken aim at the President and inner circle on several occasions since the Republicans won the 2016 election, using Twitter as his megaphone.

In 2018, the GNR singer hit out at Trump for having "no regard for truth, ethics, morals or empathy of any kind," and claimed that the Trump White House was employing "loopholes" to use his band’s hits at political rallies and PR stunts, just like in Arizona earlier in the week.