'Voice' Champ Sawyer Fredericks Shares 'Flowers for You': Album Premiere

Sawyer Fredericks
Holly Tutor

Sawyer Fredericks

Sawyer Fredericks digs deep on his fourth album, Flowers For You -- including one song he wrote when he was 12 years old. But the now 21-year-old Season 8 The Voice champ hopes that the 12-song set, out May 1 and premiering exclusively below, shows growth from both the distant and recent past.

"The goal of this album for me was I wanted to feature the band more on this one," Fredericks, who produced the album himself at Dreamland Recording Studio in Woodstock, tells Billboard. "I feel my last album (2018's Hide Your Ghost) was mainly focused on myself and more emotional lyrics. This time I wanted to get more rock tunes on there and show some of my blues roots. It conveys a little more how we perform when we're live. We have a lot of rockin' tunes when we're live."

Fredericks' schedule is, like others, "in limbo" right now due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, including a slew of postponed show dates. He's planning more online appearances to promote the album, but says he didn't give much thought to pushing back the release itself. "We're just trying to make the very best out of it, make videos for people (to watch) while they're at home and stuff like that," he says. "It'll be fun. The shows are already canceled, so why would I cancel the album, too?"