Picture This Revel in Love That’s So Bad It’s Good on Flirty New Single ‘Troublemaker’: Premiere

Picture This
Ethan Rock

Picture This

Sometimes love isn’t good for you. And sometimes, that makes you want it even more.

Picture This’ latest single, “Troublemaker” -- premiering on Billboard today (April 16) -- is all about that kind of love. “She gives me a million reasons why I should hate her/ But I can’t, ‘cause she’s my troublemaker,” frontman Ryan Hennessy sings over a punchy beat on the chorus.

The “Troublemaker” lyrics were inspired by a real-life relationship Hennessy had with a girl who he says “got me into so much trouble -- but it was trouble that we could call our own, and in a twisted way it made our bond stronger.”

He adds, “‘Troublemaker’ is a song about a love that seems doomed and volatile, but has so much spark and excitement that you just can’t seem to let it go. It’s a battle between two lovers who are both full of attitude and cockiness, love and life, and it’s an explosive combination -- but it just feels so good. It’s a sexy unpredictability.” 

The tone of “Troublemaker” fits its rebellious narrative, with echoing production and a plucking bass line that emphasizes Hennessy’s impish delivery on the verses. The song’s rolling pre-chorus leads into a thundering chorus, making “Troublemaker” feel as flirty and fun as Hennessy’s experience that inspired it. As he declares himself, “This one is for the troublemakers, the free spirits, the impulsive souls, and the outright lovers!” 

“Troublemaker” is the first taste of Picture This’ forthcoming third studio album, which will arrive later this year via Republic Records. The Irish pop-rock group will perform the new track for the first time on Saturday (April 18), when they take part in the World Health Organization and Global Citizen’s star-studded One World: Together At Home special alongside Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and many more.

Ahead of its official release tomorrow (April 17), check out “Troublemaker” on Billboard below.