Gwen Stefani Gave Blake Shelton a Quarantine Mullet Haircut and It's Everything: Watch

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton
Courtesy Photo

Gwen Stefani gives Blake Shelton a quarantine haircut.

Blake Shelton made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on April 13 and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, joined in on the fun.

While Shelton chatted with Fallon about being quarantined on his property in Oklahoma with “a bunch of Stefanis,” Stefani appeared with some tools to shape Shelton’s mullet.

“I had to cancel my tour,” Shelton said of the coronavirus pandemic. “We were in Omaha, Neb., building the production that day and that’s when the bottom was falling out of touring and any live events, so we just cancelled, and Gwen and I came immediately here and we have not left.”

While Shelton said he and Stefani are “learning how to bake sourdough bread” and likened their current time together to Little House on the Prairie, she came on screen. “I’m going to be helping Blake grow out his mullet,” Stefani, wearing camo pants, told Fallon.

“Please give him a mullet, please. I love seeing Gwen cut your hair,” Fallon said. “This is fantastic!”

While Stefani was cutting Shelton’s hair, Fallon continued to interview the couple. He asked if the pair had been trading music while in quarantine and it seems Shelton has been providing Stefani and her family a history lesson in country music. “This music Blake turned me onto is called country music. I hadn’t listened to that on my ska playlist,” she said with a laugh. “It’s been really fun learning about country music. He’s literally an encyclopedia jukebox like a weirdo. This guy, he knows everything.”

While Stefani has in return been teaching Shelton about ska music, he shared his excitement for his latest duet “Nobody But You” featuring his girlfriend. “Gwen has a country hit right now! We have a duet. Who would have ever thought Gwen Stefani on country radio?”

The couple then performed the song, but not before Shelton requested one addition to his mullet: a “J” and “F” shaved into the side of head for Jimmy Fallon. The result was a real Tiger King look. “Dude, you are so Tiger King right now you have no idea,” Fallon said of Blake's new do.

Watch Shelton and Stefani’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon below.