And… Relax: 10 Electronic Chillout Tunes From Back in the Day

Jean-Michel Jarre
Patrick Ford/Redferns

Jean-Michel Jarre performing in 1990.

Keep chill and carry on. We’re all locked-in and wound-up tighter than an E string in these times of self-isolation. Right about now, music, movies and your mates are more important than ever. Here at Billboard, we can sort you out with the first of those.

After lining-up ten bangers from the ‘90s club scene, it’s time to wind it down, stretch it out and take a seat for something a little smoother.

From Jean-Michel Jarre, to Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada and more, Billboard selects ten timeless throwback tunes for those of you with electronic music in your DNA.

Massage your brains with these agents of calm.

Jean-Michel Jarre, “Oxygene 1”

Aphex Twin, “#3”

Brian Eno, Ambient 1, Music for Airports

Schiller, “Fernweh”

Vangelis, “Memories of Green”

Chicane, “No Ordinary Morning”

Future Sound of London, “Papua New Guinea”

William Orbit, "L'Inverno" (Antonio Vivaldi)

Boards of Canada, “Macquarie Ridge”

Union Jack, “Water Drums”