Lindsay Lohan Is Coming 'Back' With New Music, Just When We Need It Most

Lindsay Lohan
Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan attends the 2019 Ali Forney Center Gala at Cipriani Wall Street on Oct. 25, 2019 in New York City.

It's been about six months since Lindsay Lohan gave fans a taste of her music with "Xanax," featuring Alma, but on Tuesday (March 31), she declared: "I'm back."

The actress/singer posted the message along with the bulging-eyes emoji on her social media, as well as a 30-second teaser video. Sprawled across a smoky room, old-fashioned TV sets rewind through Lohan's rough spot in the spotlight. From a TV broadcast segment titled "Evolution of Lindsay Lohan" to her widely ridiculed "LiLo" dance moves-turned-meme in Mykonos, the video examines her life and continuously calls out her name in front of the bright-flashing paparazzi camera. The TV can't handle all the pressure and suddenly erupts -- flying sparks, broken glass and all -- as Lohan's voice simply states, "I'm back."

It's unclear whether "I'm Back" is officially the title of her new single and when exactly she plans to release it on digital and streaming services, but the 33-year-old star attached the pre-save link.

This announcement follows the Parent Trap alum's under-the-radar comment about her third studio album being released at the end of last month, which never came to fruition. An Instagram fan account @worldoflindsaylohan posted a throwback performance picture of her on Jan. 15, wishing LL3 would arrive within 2020. Lohan creeped into the comments section to confirm an "End of feb!" release date, but who knows what exactly she has in store for fans after posting her cryptic trailer.

Watch Lohan's mysterious return below.