'The Voice' Recap: Kelly Clarkson Uses Her Steal

Kelly Clarkson, The Voice
Trae Patton/NBC

Kelly Clarkson on The Voice on March 30, 2020.

The second night of Battles went down on NBC's The Voice on Monday night. Heading into the evening, John Legend had already used his steal; Blake Shelton and Nick Jonas had each already used their saves; and Kelly Clarkson was the only coach with her one save and steal still available. Celebrity advisers Dua Lipa (Team Kelly), Kevin and Joe Jonas (Team Nick), Bebe Rexha (Team Blake) and Ella Mai (Team Legend) returned to help prepare the contestants for their performances.

The first Battle came from two of Team Blake’s non-country artists. Four-chair turn Toneisha Harris was paired with Jacob Daniel Murphy. Shelton had them sing “Good as Hell” by Lizzo. The song choice challenged them to have a lot of stage presence, but Harris was the clear standout here. Shelton picked her as the winner, and Murphy was eliminated.

In another Team Blake Battle, Shelton had a slightly tougher decision to make between Kailey Abel and Cam Spinks, who sang “What Ifs.” Rexha worked with them on their nerves, and both artists delivered in their final performance. Legend and Jonas gave the edge to Abel, but Shelton went with Spinks. No one opted to steal Abel.

An easy decision came after a Team Kelly face-off between Gigi Hess and Micah Iverson. Clarkson had them sing “Someone You Loved,” and while Hess sounded stronger in rehearsals and both singers moved Dua Lipa with the emotion behind their vocals, Iverson sounded much stronger in the final performance. Hess seemed to be experiencing nerves, and it cost her. She was eliminated.

One of the night’s highlights came from Team Legend, which is already shaping up to be the strongest team this season. Legend had CammWess and Mandi Castillo sing “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Their coach worked with them on connecting more in rehearsal, and it yielded a very tight duet. Legend chose Castillo as the winner, but Clarkson swooped in to strategically use her only steal on CammWess, who will likely fit in well on her team.

Jonas selected Anders Drerup and Tate Brusa to sing “Circles” by Post Malone in the first Team Nick Battle of the night. They struggled to connect in rehearsals, but Jonas Brothers worked with them to get the performance tighter. Brusa outperformed Drerup, and it earned him the win. Drerup was eliminated in what was a pretty easy choice for Jonas.

The episode ended on a high note with a Battle from Team Legend. The four-chair turn Nelson Cade III and Darious Lyles sang “Come Together,” and Legend came up with an arrangement that really suited both of their voices. They gave a sultry and memorable performance. It seemed certain that both would stay in the competition. Sure enough, Legend chose Lyles as the winner, and when no other coaches swooped in to steal, he saved Cade, keeping them both on his team.

The Battles will continue next Monday.

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