Jewel Shines & Shares New Single During Billboard Live At-Home Concert: Watch

Jewel hosted her Billboard Live At-Home concert on Monday afternoon (March 30) to raise money for her Inspiring Children Foundation, which is dedicated to equipping at-risk youth with tools to combat anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

The folk singer-songwriter informed her fans that her charity lost 80% of its funding after she canceled fundraising concerts and her Never Broken charity dinner due to the coronavirus pandemic. But on the bright side, she's already raised more than $550,000 from her Live From San Quarantine: A Livestream Concert "through Instagram in my bedroom," she cheered last weekend.

Her Billboard Live concert featured a new tune titled "Grateful," one of the many feelings reflected in Jewel's original brain-rewiring exercises from her Never Broken autobiography. She channeled gratitude as a way to better her mental health while struggling with youth homelessness.

"Even when I was homeless, there was this little street corner that I really loved. It had a flowering tree and a beautiful palm tree," she recalled before belting out the soulful tune. "I remember being really, really grateful to feel the sunlight coming through that tree and seeing how it laid like a lace dress around my feet, the shadows with that light. I just became profoundly grateful for that moment, that tiny bit of poetry."

"Grateful" is one of 10 songs Jewel selected for her upcoming album, which picks up where her 2015 studio album Picking Up the Pieces left off.But a different genre and completely new songs mold this untitled project. "It has more of a soul feel," she disclosed while citing Marvin Gaye and Ella Fitzgerald as classic influences from her upbringing. "Writing for this record was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my entire life -- I mean, behind childbirth and divorce."

Since being discovered in 1993, Jewel has stockpiled thousands of songs for every record, cherrypicking country records as she saw fit from her vast catalog. "This record, I wanted it to be brand-new. No old songs, nothing previously written. It was the best therapy I've ever done," Jewel said. "It was an amazing process. I learned so much about myself and I was able to strip away everything that needed stripping away."

The Grammy-nominated artist bellowed how "the sun's gonna shine and in this heart of mine" in the bright chorus of "Grateful," transporting her viewers right there to that sun-kissed street corner that gave her hope in the midst of her darkest times.

Watch Jewel's entire Billboard Live At-Home performance above, and donate to her Inspiring Children Foundation here.