Sam Smith Sings 'How Do You Sleep' A Cappella at iHeart Living Room Concert for America

Sam Smith IHeart Living Room Concert for America.
Courtesy Photo

Sam Smith performs during the IHeart Living Room Concert for America.

Sam Smith didn't have a band on deck for their performance during the iHeart Living Room Concert for America on Sunday night (March 29), so they took on their hit "How Do You Sleep?" a cappella. "I hope that's okay," they said.

It was definitely more than okay.

Smith's solo rendition of the typically dance-worthy track gave it a more heartfelt feel, as the British singer -- who sang from their home in London -- turned it into a breathy, almost ballad-like tune. In addition to the moving vocals, images of people delivering food to those in need appeared on the screen, making the performance even more powerful.

"I hope this makes you feel better," Smith said before they began singing. "Music is making me feel a lot better right now."

A few days before taking part in iHeart's Living Room Concert, Smith shared a video from the same home location singing John Legend's "Ordinary People." Though it was seemingly from the same session, Smith had a piano track for "Ordinary People" -- so it seems their iHeart performance was an extra-special treat for those who tuned in.