Lauren Jauregui Debuts New Song '50ft' During Billboard Live At-Home Concert

Lauren Jauregui hosted her Billboard Live At-Home concert on Tuesday afternoon (March 24) to raise money for Downtown Women's Center, which focuses on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women in Los Angeles.

Though she admitted she was a bit nervous, Jauregui nailed stunning performances of "Invisible Chains," her Tainy and C. Tangana collaboration "Nada" and "Lento," which she performed for the first time during the live stream. The performance was a family effort, with her dad nearby playing the cajon.

She also debuted a new song called "50ft," which she said is "coming soon." The sultry, hip-swaying melody featured a energy-protecting chorus that proclaims "Out of sight, out of mind / I need you more than 50 feet away."

The songstress answered a few questions in between performances, the first of which referred to her Billboard Pop-Shop Podcast interview, during which she revealed that she's been writing a lot recently. When asked if writing helps her escape the world, Jauregui exclaimed, "Yes and yes and yes and yes!"

"Writing is incredibly important to me as a being to function," she continued Even today I was writing, not necessarily writing songs or poetry, but just writing about the state of the world and the state of the times. I’ve always been very observational and very aware of what's going on, so I have a lot of thoughts on them, and writing them down makes me feel a little less crazy."

She concluded on a positive, loving note. "I'm sending you so much love and healing and health to all your families."

Watch Jauregui's Live At-Home performance above, and click here to donate to Downtown Women's Center.