IMPALA Launches Coronavirus Task Force

Courtesy of Impala


Pan-European independent music companies trade body IMPALA has established a COVID-19 Task Force to help address the effects of the health crisis on the indie sector right across the Continent.

The Task Force is a secure, coordinated approach across Europe on measures at key levels, from government, to EU and the creative industries.

Unveiled Friday (March 20), the initiative is designed to help protect the music community in the long term, as the coronavirus threatens to ruin the live music infrastructure and the livelihoods of artists and music industry professionals everywhere.

Next week, the Task Force will publish a package of recommended measures, and national associations will be invited to plug in and help devise strategies.

Also, an inventory will be set up to ensure members are informed and to promote best practices during these uncertain times. The new support network will monitor action taken at the highest levels and within the industry, and update its members.

“We fully support the public health measures that are being put in place,” comments Helen Smith, Executive Chair of IMPALA. “Governments are, however, reacting at different speeds and some are leaving too many decisions to businesses. This is causing unnecessary confusion and hardship.”

Francesca Trainini, Chair of IMPALA, Vice-President of Italian association PMI, and Chair of IMPALA’s Covid-19 Task Force, adds: “In times of crisis, smaller actors are the most exposed. Italy has been the first European country affected, but it’s across the continent now. The IMPALA Task Force is working on a call to action on all key levels."

Launched in 2000, IMPALA boasts almost 5,000 members including top independents and national associations of independent companies across Europe.