Pop Stars Dressed as Hand Sanitizer Might Be the Purest Coronavirus Meme Out There

Anderson .Paak
Israel Ramos

Anderson .Paak

People have quickly wiped store aisles clean of hand sanitizers to combat coronavirus, but artists from Anderson .Paak to Blackpink's Rosé are coming in handy with the freshest meme on Twitter.

Blackbear, Max, Hit-Boy and more musicians praised .Paak when he posted his outfits color-coordinating with hand sanitizer bottles via Instagram on Tuesday, like the cerulean blue of his beanie and blazer complementing a Purell bottle. "DM me for shipping #HandersonSanitizerPack," the "Don't Slack" artist quipped in the caption.

Fans have been posting Twitter threads of their favorite artists dressed like different hand sanitizers as an essential reminder to wash your hands. Stars like Kacey Musgraves and Troye Sivan shine side-by-side exclusively with Bath and Body Works PocketBac bottles. The brand's black cherry merlot scented cleanser not only matches Musgraves' red sequin turtleneck but also Hong Joochan's vibrant hair.

Spot all of the singers dressed like hand sanitizers below.