Haim Create Catchy a New Tune, Perform ‘The Steps’ and 'Summer Girl' on ‘Fallon’: Watch

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

HAIM performs on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on March 9, 2020.

Haim stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (March 9) to unleash new tunes and created some catchy stuff from scratch.

The sibling act rocked out for a performance of "The Steps," lifted from their forthcoming album Women In Music Pt III.

Haim’s third album is due out April 24, and it’s the followup to their 2017 sophomore studio set, Something To Tell You, which peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

The Haim sisters and their host also launched into a fun about a millennial’s worst nightmare, “I Liked an Instagram Post.”

The easy-to-sing-along song features this lyrical gem: “I liked an Instagram post from 2012/ On somebody’s page, that I don’t know super-well/ I can’t believe what I did/ There’s no coming back from this/ I’m selling all of my stuff, and moving to France.”

Another performance from the group, this time of "Summer Girl," then aired the following night (March 10).

Watch all of the videos below: