Justin Bieber and James Corden Cut Some 'Yummy' Moves for TikTok In 'Carpool Karaoke': Watch

Justin Bieber
Terence Patrick/CBS

Carpool Karaoke with Justin Bieber on The Late Late Show with James Corden airing on Feb. 18, 2020. 

Justin Bieber’s career is driving along perfectly right now. The Canadian pop star is happily married, he’s processed his problems from the past, and his new set Changes is likely to go to No. 1.

On Wednesday night, Biebs let James Corden do the driving as the pair hit the road for a Carpool Karaoke session. 

The pair talked beefing with Tom Cruise, married life ("it's the best thing that ever happened to me"), created a TikTok dance and, of course, they road tested Bieber’s hits.

They jumped in on “I Don’t Care,” with Corden creating some choreography behind the wheel, in the absence of Bieber's collaborator Ed Sheeran. “It’s not what the kids want to see,” Bieber said of his host's efforts.

That was just the start of the dance moves. Bieber then taught the British talk show host some moves to accompany “Yummy.” It’s all about the delivery, Bieber explained. Corden doesn’t have it. "I don't know if I ever felt older," Corden remarked afterwards.

On his challenge to Tom Cruise for a fight, Bieber admitted "I was being stupid." Then, his hubris got the best of him. "I'm dangerous...I'm different. I'm the Conor McGregor of entertainment," he quipped. The pair also sang "Love Yourself," "I'm Coming For Ya" and they hit an impromptu rendition of "Smelly Cat" from Friends.   

Bieber, a resident on Corden's Late Late Show through the week, has done multiple spins in the Carpool Karaoke passenger seat over the years.

Watch the latest ride below.