David Haerle Premieres Weirdly Wonderful New Video 'Go Do That With Sharon'

David Haerle
Jenna Schoenefeld

David Haerle

From Area 51 to the Salton Sea, the new song highlights strange travel suggestions from the CMH Label Group president and his quirky friend.

Feel like traveling along Nevade State Route 357, the famed "ET Highway" that includes a missle range and Area 51? What about visiting the abandoned Lake Dolores Waterpark outside of Barstow, California or spending the night in the super creepy Old Tonopah clown-themed motel, conveniently located next to an unfortunate-looking cemetery?

Well, then you can go do that with Sharon, friend to record label president David Haerle and his partner Erica. The couple insist roadside attractions like the Desert Aircraft Boneyard and the apocolyptic Salton Sea are really not their thing. But their friend Sharon would probably be into it.

And there you have the quirky premise for the strangely delightful guitar-driven ballad "Go Do That With Sharon," the first track off of Haerle's upcoming album Death Valley -- named after Death Valley National Park, the crème de la crème of unfathomably odd locales that have no explainable rationale for existing.

Death Valley is the sophmore album for the Los Angeles singer, songwriter and guitarist, who also serves as president of CMH Label Group, which releases music by Vitamin String Quartet (which performs string instrument renditions of contemporary hit songs) and Rockabye Baby (same idea, but with a xylophone and lullaby vibe). (If you are a music journalist, you are destined to one day land on a mailing list that includes every CD ever created by VSQ and Rockabye Baby, mailed to you and whoever will eventually replace you at your job for all of eternity.) Haerle also runs the CMH bluegrass label and his own imprint Edendale, and his quirky personality and style shines through on the song, which he told Billboard comes from an inside joke about "a very good friend, Sharon, who likes to do things some people might find a little offbeat or kooky."

When Haerle and Erica "are traveling on Interstate 15 and I exclaim, ‘I’d love to go explore that abandoned water park over there,’ something she has zero interest in," he continues, "she’ll say, ‘go do that with Sharon.’ Even in the best of relationships, there will be interests both parties don’t share, so to be able to have other friends you can ‘go do that with’ is a healthy thing.”

Check out the video for "Go Do That With Sharon" below.