How Superhero Movies Inspired Neon Dreams' 'Turn Back Now': Video Premiere

Neon Dreams
Troy Veinotte

Neon Dreams

A combination of concert meet 'n' greets and personal movie watching provided the dual impetus for Neon Dreams' new single "Turn Back Now," premiering exclusively below.

The Halifax pop duo's Frank Kadillac tells Billboard that the track -- currently a one-off single follow-up to Neon Dreams' debut album Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams -- was inspired by encounters with fans while he and musical partner Adrian Morris were touring. "They would tell me stories about their lives and it was always something bad or lessons they were going through at the moment," Kadillac recalls. "I really wished I had a lot of time to talk to them and tell 'em my life story and tell them it's gonna be OK. Some people don't have anyone to say that to them." Kadillac himself was the child of a teenage mother who had to work all the time, and he was frequently bullied during his youth.   

"When I got home (from tour) I like to look back at what makes me who I am so I can give people better advice," adds Kadillac, who now lives in Arizona after initially going there on a healing retreat. He also immersed himself in his favorite movies, mostly superhero or fantasy tales and comedies -- cinematic comfort food which helped focus a direction for "Turn Back Now." "I noticed a common phrase in most of them that 'we've come way too far to turn back now,'" Kadillac recalls. "I wrote that down and a month later when we got into a session, the song wrote itself from there." Nathan Ferraro from the Midway State, who co-wrote "Turn Back Now," also provided the whistled part of the track.

Currently on break, Neon Dreams returns to the road March 4 for a series of U.S. dates slated to culminate in appearances at South By Southwest March 18-21 in Austin, Texas. Kadillac and Morris, meanwhile, haven't determined if "Turn Back Now" is the first step toward Neon Dreams' sophomore album. "We haven't come up with a theme for the album yet," Kadillac reports. "The overall message of the next album is going to be along the same lines as the first one, I'm assuming, but we want it to be even stronger and show all the things we've learned after traveling and understanding the world a little more than we did before. We'll see what comes out."

U.S. Tour Dates:

3.4 Tuscon, AZ @ House of Bards

3.5 Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar

3.8 Santa Ana, CA @ FTG

3.10 Santa Cruz, CA @ Blue Lagoon

3.12 San Francisco @ DNA Lounge

3.13 Reno, NV @ Shea's Tavern

3.14 Orem, UT @ The Rise

3.15 Ft. Collins, CO @ PinBall Jones

3.16 Denver, CO @ Lost Lake

3.18 Austin, TX @ SXSW

3.19 Austin, TX @ SXSW

3.20 Austin, TX @ SXSW

3.21 Austin, TX @ SXSW