Tall Heights Stay Hopeful With 'Under Your Skin': Premiere

Tall Heights
Shervin Lainez 

Tall Heights

Boston's Tall Heights considers it "in our nature to make albums," according to the electrofolk group's Tim Harrington. But the duo isn't letting the interim since its 2018 release Pretty Colors For Your Action be quiet -- evidenced by "Under Your Skin," Tall Heights' second between-albums single, premiering exclusively below.

"We're sort of like on a vector at this moment in time, just creating as we go along," Harrington tells Billboard. "2019 has been a different sort of year in that we've been writing and observing and enjoying putting out songs as we create them. It's just not an album year."

"Under Your Skin" follows "Keeps Me Light," which Tall Heights released in October. The new track was inspired by the birth of Harrington’s first child in April and bandmate Paul Wright becoming an uncle in February. "The song is very much about the new generation," Wright explains. "We're at a place in our lives where we've lost most of the older generation. Our grandparents are gone, and there's this new generation taking shape. It's that feeling of a new human and a new generation and about the world that we're passing on to them."

And that comes with a lot of anxiety, Wright adds. "It’s a scary world full of bigotry and hatred and violence, and it's complicated," he says. "And yet, we’re hopeful. I believe in young people to take on challenges that we've placed in front of them." Harrington adds that "Under Your Skin" and "Keeps Me Light" "are both a bold decision to choose hope in this moment in time when we could easily find ourselves on the other side of that, choosing darkness. But honestly, as songwriters, that's an old trope. We're not the first to say, 'Oh yeah, we write about the darkness.' But on these (songs) we wanted to take it the other way, into the light."

With just three shows remaining on its itinerary this year, Tall Heights plans to return to the studio in earnest leading up to the holidays and then in January, before returning to the road and start dealing with the "small handful of songs" Harrington says he and Wright already have finished. "We have a short album or an EP's worth now," he says, "and as far as written material it's kind of dauntingly endless. We could just keep going. I said to Paul the other day that I wish we could pause time and record for one year straight. We have a home studio and we've just been making new tracks and leaning on ourselves more than we ever have -- no producer, no engineer. That's been really fun and energizing."

Tall Heights is also looking for a new label deal since leaving Sony Masterworks, so an actual timetable is up in the air at this point. "At this moment we've got a number of conversations we're having from an industry standpoint," Harrington says. "We're sitting on lots of stuff that we can't really say when we'll drop it. Until we can we'll look at putting more songs out like we are now, but making another album is definitely something we plan to do."