Adam Devine On Starring in a Weezer Video, Getting Mistaken For Adam Levine & That Epic Shawnmila Joke

Adam Devine
Noam Galai/Getty Images for Captain Morgan

Adam Devine "chills" at a Captain Morgan x Big Gay Ice Cream event in New York City on Nov. 18, 2019.

Between starring in Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham, HBO’s Righteous Gemstones and, most recently, Weezer’s “California Snow” music video, actor/singer/comedian Adam Devine has a lot going on. Somehow, he still has time to set the internet aflame with jokes, and for that we are grateful. (See: his take on Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's recent courtside PDA.)

Billboard caught up with Devine at the launch of Captain Morgan's limited edition Gingerbread Spiced Rum in New York City on Nov. 18 to ask several burning questions: namely, will he ever stop being mistaken for Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine?

How did your casting in Weezer’s “California Snow” video come about?

I love Weezer, and I've become friendly with them. I hosted their cruise [in 2014] -- they made the mistake of giving me a microphone. They were like, "Anytime you want to talk to the entire ship” -- which was like 2,000 people -- “just turn it on." So 11-o'clock rolls around, I'm losing all my money in the casino, and I'm like, "Don't come to the casino! You'll lose all your money!" And then they were immediately like, "Hey, can we get that microphone back?"

Then I became buddies with them a little bit. Then they asked me to be in their video, and that was a dream come true. Then they sent me a gold record for "Africa." Some song called "Africa," that I think they came up with. [Laughs] It says, "Honorary Member of Weezer, Adam Devine." So that was pretty cool. 

Rivers Cuomo also recorded the Green Eggs and Ham theme song. What’s that project been like for you?

I just saw him at the premiere, which was pretty cool. Green Eggs and Ham has been a long time coming -- we've been working on it for, like, four years. I finally got to meet Diane Keaton at the premiere, and Ellen [DeGeneres] produced it. [Casually] It's cool to kind of know Ellen. She's been shepherding this project along.

It's also cool for me, because I've done more R-rated and PG-13 stuff, so this is something I can show all of my friends who have kids. They can finally see something that I've done! As opposed to like, "What's dad's weird friend doing?" They can tell it's my voice, it's pretty cool.

Let’s talk about that Shawnmila joke.

I was just sitting there, and it kind of hit me, like, this would be a funny post. I did it in 30 seconds and posted it. I went to a game like a week prior -- I go to a lot of basketball games, I have season tickets for the Clippers -- and I walked past Shawn Mendes at that basketball game. I was like, "Oh, I have that jacket...did I wear that at a game?" and I looked at Getty Images, and sure enough, there I am. And [fiancée Chloe Bridges] was weirdly dressed exactly like Camila. I was like, this is too perfect. I looked back at my phone after posting it, and maybe less than 10 minutes later, it had 50,000 likes. I didn't realize how giant those two kids were! They're so popular! 


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Speaking of your popstar connections, you also recently talked about how people sometimes mix up your name with that of Adam Levine, which is hilarious...

Yes. Adam Le-vyne. A lot of people think my name’s "De-veen" -- including Chloe, my now fiancée -- when she first met me, she thought it was "De-veen." It took, like, me saying it to go get a dinner reservation or something. We'd been dating like a month. She was like, "Uhhh. De-vyne! Yes! I've known that!" And I made this joke in my standup special that the show was big enough to definitely have one person in the crowd read the poster wrong, and think Adam Levine is performing stand-up comedy for the first time. They're so confused right now, they're like, "Oh my God, he looks horrible. Did he gain 60 pounds and lose eleven inches?"

Finally, I know you weren’t involved with the third Pitch Perfect movie, but would you ever rejoin the series?

Rebel [Wilson] and I talk about that sometimes. Yeah, it would need to obviously be the right thing and the right story...I wasn't part of 3 -- it kind of veered off the path of what I think everyone loves so much about the Pitch Perfect movies -- but I think if it made sense, I wouldn't be totally opposed to it. I think the first one definitely hit because we were all young and cute. You know, you can't wait too long. We can't be in our fifties all singing and dancing!

Anything else in the pipeline?

I'm going back for another season of Righteous Gemstones. We're going to shoot another season of that. The response for that has been great, and I'm really excited to be part of it.