Billie Eilish Pays Tribute to Her Brother in New Song 'Everything I Wanted'

Billie Eilish
Kenneth Cappello

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish knows her fans have been itching for more music, and on Wednesday (Nov. 13), their wishes came true in the form of a new song, "everything i wanted."

The characteristically dreamy tune was written at the 17-year-old's home studio in Highland Park, California, and on tour. "everything i wanted" was co-written with her sole collaborator and older brother, Finneas, and the song is a sweet tribute to their close bond. 

"This song is one my brother and I wrote about each other.” Eilish explained before the song's release. “No matter what happens, we always have been and will be there to make it better."

The lyrics mirror the sentiment. "I had a dream/ I got everything I wanted/ But when I wake up, I see/ You with me/ And you say, 'As long as I'm here/ No one can hurt you.'"

"everything i wanted" comes after a whirlwind year for Eilish, snagging a No. 1 Billboard 200 album with When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and a Hot 100 chart topper with the infectious "bad guy." Her world arena tour supporting the album kicks off in March 2020.

Listen to "everything i wanted" below.