The Suffers Channel Grief, Frustrations Into 'Everything Here' Video: Premiere

The Suffers
Daniel Jackson

The Suffers

The Suffers wanted to channel a whole lot of grief into the video for "Everything Here," premiering below from the Houston soul troupe's sophomore album of the same name. And the clip, directed by periodic collaborator Nate Edwards, does indeed tie together the human emotions behind the charged circumstances of police brutality, immigration and eminent domain.

"We wanted to make sure we were telling a story that was sensitive as far as how we were approaching it but also clear so anyone watching it would be able to understand," singer Kam Franklin tells Billboard. The central theme, of course, is the losses and resulting absences, both human and material, that are left in the wake of these issues -- hence the song's refrain, "everything here reminds me of you."

"By writing the song, I wanted to encourage the listener to go through the grief process, because we as a human race are abused, whether we like to admit it or not," explains Franklin, who's part of the board of directors for HeadCount. "A society like we live in now is an abusive society. When you talk about immigration or eminent domain or police brutality, it's so easy to just put a label on it and then 'Let's keep moving 'til the next news cycle comes along' and accept that this is the way it is.

"But we have had friends who have lost their homes to eminent domain 'cause they didn't have the same power as bigger developers. You never see how hard these people are working or what their backgrounds are and what happens to them once the cameras go away. So we wanted to present an insider view."

Franklin adds that she and the other Suffers don't want their message to be entirely dark or downcast; In fact, she says, "It is our hope the viewer is left with the message that we're all in this together." But she acknowledges that resolve is being tested more today than it ever has.

"It's been so exhausting to watch from the sidelines the past few years," Franklin says. "Our band, while we have done our best to try and maintain a positive outlook to everything we do, the world is not really reflecting that at this time. Some of the f***ed-up things we see happening in society right now are becoming the norm, and that's hard to live with. But that also makes it more important for us to stand up against it. Hopefully the video will tell more of the story."