Donald Trump Just Went After Beyonce, Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen

Donald Trump just stirred up the Beyhive. And fans of Jay-Z. And Bruce Springsteen’s loyal following.

Apropos of nothing, the 45th president wheeled out the names of hip-hop’s billion-dollar power couple and The Boss as the superpowers he didn’t need to succeed. 

It all went down during a rally overnight in Minneapolis, Minnesota, his first event since the Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry,

During one of his long rants about winning the election in 2016, a defiant Trump managed to put the boot into three rock stars and his former rival Hillary Clinton and former pres Barack Obama in the space of about 10 seconds. 

“I didn’t need Beyoncé and Jay-Z. I didn’t need little Bruce Springsteen,” he said of his triumph. He went on to claim Springsteen would “do about two songs, then leave…and everyone leaves with him. And (Clinton is) still speaking in front of the same lousy crowd. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen” (watch below at the 2 minute mark).

Twitter was buzzing. And the Beyhive wasn’t having any of it.

"That's it. Trump finally crossed the line. He insulted Springsteen AND Beyoncé. It's. On,” reads one tweet .

Springsteen, who is neither little in stature or in size (he's listed at 177cm tall), will probably laugh off the insult. He's not a fan of Trump. In an interview published last year in Esquire, the veteran rocker said, "“[Trump] has no interest in uniting the country, really, and actually has an interest in doing the opposite and dividing us, which he does on an almost daily basis."

He added, “So that’s simply a crime against humanity, as far as I’m concerned. It’s an awful, awful message to send out into the world if you’re in that job and in that position. It’s just an ugly, awful message.”

HOV has referred to the leader in the past as a “superbug”.

Check out some of the reaction from Trump's latest outburst below.