Donald Trump Drags Nickelback Into Impeachment Drama With New Joe Biden Meme

Richard Beland


The wake of the House of Representatives announcing that it was moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump has led to an influx of drama involving the President and former Vice President and Democratic candidate hopeful Joe Biden. Now, a third party has been added to the mess--Nickelback (seriously).

In a rather bizarre new tweet on Trump's social media platform of choice on Wednesday (Oct. 2), the President posted a clip of Biden responding to a question as to whether he has ever spoken to his son Hunter about his "overseas business dealings," referring to unproven corruption allegations on Biden and his son’s work in Ukraine. 

In the clip, Biden denies the question, and immediately the opening music video scene from Nickelback's 2005 song "Photograph" begins to play, featuring frontman Chad Kroeger singing "Look at this photograph." The picture in question shows the former Vice President and his son playing golf with an unnamed "Ukraine Gas Exec."

"LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!" Trump captioned the new meme. Nickelback has yet to comment on the interesting reference.