Charlie Puth Didn't Know What He Had 'Til It Was Gone in 'Cheating On You': Listen

Charlie Puth
Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth regrets letting a special someone go in his sparkling new single, "Cheating on You," released Tuesday (Oct. 1).

The cover art for the tune reads, "This song is not about a person, it's about a feeling I've never had." His soaring vocals detail the story of a new relationship that just isn't as magic as the last. "I know I said, 'Goodbye,' and, baby, you said it too/But when I touch her, I feel like I'm cheating on you/I thought that I'd be better when I found someone new/But when I touch her, I feel like I'm cheating on you," he croons in the infectious, harmonic chorus.

"Cheating on You" is his third single since the 2018 release of his sophomore album, Voicenotes, coming on the heels of previously-released songs "Mother" and "I Warned Myself."

Listen to the song, and watch the scenic music video below.