Jaymes Young Tries to Make Sense of His Ex in 'Paradox': Listen

Jaymes Young
Erik Rojas

Jaymes Young

“You’re the only one who saw the real me, yeah / You’re the only thing that almost killed me,” whispers Jaymes Young in the beginning of “Paradox,” his latest single that dropped yesterday (Sept. 26).

The gentle keys play on the 28-year-old artist’s introspective lyrics that dive into his ironic past relationship. His past love serves as the hero and villain wrapped into one conflicting character who has deeply afflicted Young. 

“Laying in bed one night, I realized that all my internal conflicts come from the yin and yang of life,” Young said in a press release. “You just never get something ‘perfect.’ Everything comes with its light side and dark side. It makes me feel a bit mad sometimes though, when the things I want the most are inseparable from qualities that are nearly unbearable.”

He continued, “‘Paradox’ is about being in that place, where you must surrender yourself to the consequences of chasing something like that. Nothing is truly free, and if it feels free, it’s probably because you haven’t paid yet.”

The visualizer for the single features Young in a blue-tinged shot, where he lies in a bathtub with his thoughts.

Listen to “Paradox” below.