Diplo Hacks Jonas Brothers' Instagram & They're Burnin' Up: 'Who Gave You the Password?'

Ultimate troll Diplo has taken his jokes to a new level on Wednesday (Sept. 25) by hacking into the Jonas Brothers' Instagram. It's still unclear how he did it, but boy, did he take advantage of the newfound power.

First of all, he unfollowed everyone on the account so that he is the only followed person. Next, he changed the profile picture to a photo of himself and uploaded an Instagram story laughing at his accomplishment. 

And then, there were the posts. The DJ posted a slew of photos to the account, including one of himself shirtless wearing only a pair of Calvin Klein underpants, a fan's Jonas Brothers tramp stamp, a photo of Hanson with the caption "never forget the original jonas brothers," another photo of himself shirtless holding his Grammy awards, and a comedy skit featuring "footage of Nick breaking up the band."

Hours after the hack, fans began to wonder if the Jonas Brothers were aware of the situation or were in on the joke. "Either the Jonas brothers Instagram is hacked, or they love @diplo just as much as I do...," a fan theorized on Twitter, to which the JoBros replied, "Lol no we don’t love Diplo that much. Looking into it."

Joe Jonas also took to his Instagram story to share a blank screen with a simple, "@diplo chill fam," written across. He followed up with an unanswered text he sent to the DJ that reads, "Dude. Honestly it was funny for like a minute but who gave you the password?"

See all the posts from Diplo's hackathon below.


@calvinklein ur welcome for the free promo. follow @diplo

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honestly can’t tell if this is the front of joe or the back of nick. follow @diplo

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never forget the original jonas brothers. follow @diplo

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photoshoot with kevin, nick, and joe. follow @diplo

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footage of Nick breaking up the band. follow @diplo @pizzaslime

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