Ciara Looks Back on Debut Album 'Goodies,' 15 Years Later: 'My Dream Came True in Every Way' (Exclusive)

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Ciara celebrates the 15th anniversary of her debut album "Goodies"

September 28 marks 15 years since the 2004 release of Ciara's debut album, Goodies, and the songs that skyrocketed her into superstardom.

The songstress sat down to discuss the album, the breakout tracks and becoming the first woman to take on the Crunk 'n' B genre spearheaded by Lil Jon. "What Lil Jon did was historic for music, because he came in with the fresh sound and he went against the grain of what traditional pop was at that time period," she explained. "And I was the first girl to do it. So I was really proud of that and will forever be proud of it."

Of the title track, Ciara said she was in a fast food restaurant in Atlanta the first time she heard it on the radio, remembering that it was a moment in which "my dream came true in every way I could have imagined and more."

"I graduated when I was 17 years old and I was on camera going, ‘I see myself having a No. 1 song on the Billboard chart and da da da,' and I was declaring what I foresaw happening or what I believed could happen," she said -- and then it came true when "Goodies" topped the Billboard Hot 100.

The singer recalled a particularly special moment of creating her debut album, in which she was surprised with Missy Elliott's verse on the iconic "One, Two Step." "Jazze Pha knew I loved Missy and he knew it was a dream of mine to work with Missy and so he found a way to get to her without letting me know," she said with a smile. "And he played me the beat to ‘One, Two Step’ with her voice on it and I was like, ‘Yo!’ That was a dream-come-true moment. That was really surreal when it was happening."

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