CupcakKe Emotionally Reveals That She's Quitting Music & Removing Her Songs From Streaming Platforms

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

CupcakKe performs at LA Pride 2019 on June 08, 2019 in West Hollywood, Calif. 

Just a few days after CupcakKe released her latest tune, "Grilling N----s," the songstress revealed that she is retiring from the music industry.

In an emotional 18-minute Instagram Live on Sunday night (Sept. 23), CupcakKe said through tears that she is ending the tour she is currently on, and removing all her music from streaming platforms. 

She discussed how she's worried about "corrupting the youth," since she wrote her highly sexual songs when she was a teenager. "I want to go to heaven after this, and I don’t want to go to hell. Just seeing all-age kids at the shows, seeing them sing along to ‘hump me’ and ‘fuck me’ and all this s---, it has torn me apart. I’m just not happy. I don’t want to be around no one right now… It’s wrong. And even if it’s OK for y’all, it’s not OK with me… I want to be normal again.” 

She explained that in the past, she'd drop a sexual song and then immediately release one that "shows my talent," but the NSFW tune "overpowers the 'non-sexual' music," and expressed worry over the "media" and society will not accept her body type. CupcakKe also revealed she lost $700,000 in a casino and ended up having a “a very bad gambling addiction." As a result, she learned that money led her to people who "used me and didn't care for me really." She apologized to the fans she's let down.

Since posting the video, CupcakKe deleted her Twitter and all of her posts on Instagram. At the time of publication, her music is still on streaming platforms.

Watch the video, via XXL below.