Aaron Carter Says He's 'Okay' After Nick Carter Seeks Restraining Order: 'Let the Legal System Do Their Thing'

Aaron Carter
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Aaron Carter attends "The Night Time Show" Holiday Special benefiting Children's Hospital Los Angeles hosted by Stephen Kramer Glickman at Hollywood Improv on Dec. 16, 2017 in Hollywood, Calif.

After several days of tweeting in response to the restraining order his brother Nick Carter is seeking, on Sunday night (Sept. 22) Aaron Carter asked his social media followers to "please READ" a lengthy note providing an update about the situation, from his perspective.

"I'm well aware many of you have shown concern for me over the past few weeks," Aaron wrote in a post shared on Twitter. "Having people who genuinely care for you is something that should never be taken for granted. For as long as I can remember, I've chased unconditional love and hoped for true stability in my family. I've spent most of my adult life seeking validation from these same people."

His note continued: "I started to get a chip on my shoulder when I kept coming up short on something that doesn't cost a thing. LOVE. All I want is Love. What has transpired recently does not represent my true wants or needs. I've been fighting fire with fire, something I still need to work on. Some have pointed and laughed, but many many more have shown genuine support for what I've been vulnerable enough to share."

"For the record: I'm okay," Aaron said.

On Sept. 17, Nick announced that he and his sister Angel were filing a restraining order against Aaron with accusations of "increasingly alarming behavior" and a "recent confession that he harbors thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child." At the time, the Backstreet Boys member wrote, "We love our brother and truly hope he gets the proper treatment he needs before any harm comes to himself or anyone else."

In his latest update, Aaron addressed those claims: "I have never had thoughts of causing anyone pain, let alone taking anyone's life. It was hurtful for me to read those things because if these people really knew me, they would have never used that as a tactic to control me. What's actually more hurtful though, is knowing how effected my innocent nieces and nephews will be by choices the adults around them have made."

"With that in mind, I ask everyone to please leave me alone and let the legal system do their thing," Aaron said.

Read his Sunday night statement below.