Namie Amuro's Videos Streaming For First Time, With Help of an Avatar

Singer Namie Amuro arrives at Taipei Songshan Airport for 'Namie Amuro Final Tour 2018 - Finally ~ in Asia' on May 17, 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images

Singer Namie Amuro arrives at Taipei Songshan Airport for 'Namie Amuro Final Tour 2018 - Finally ~ in Asia' on May 17, 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.  

Namie Amuro, one of the best-selling J-pop female idols of all time, is partnering with Genies Inc., a digital avatar company in Los Angeles, to help promote her music videos, which are available on a streaming platform for the first time.

The videos are up on Apple Music, and Genies has created an avatar for Amuro to promote them on leading social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. 

Genies already works with mega-stars like Cardi B, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled and Jennifer Lopez.

Amuro, who officially retired from music in September of last year, has sold over 36 million physical units according to Oricon and is the fourth-highest selling female J-pop star of all time in Japan, according that domestic industry tracking company. Before retiring in September of 2018, she held a final Dome Concert Tour, released a greatest hits album, and greatest hits music video collection which, according to her management, sold over 4.5 million copies combined. The figure would make her one of the highest-grossing female artists globally in 2018.

Amuro is making her music videos available on a streaming platform for the first time on Apple Music. Although Amuro has retired, the collaboration with Genies has enabled Amuro’s avatar to promote the release of her music videos. “Amuro is an iconic artist, with a global fan base, and over a 26-year career has entertained millions of fans with her music, and live performances,” says John Possman, senior advisor to Genies. “We are excited to have this chance to work together to get the message out to her global fans”.

Amuro’s management stresses the avatar will break new ground for Amuro globally. There are partial versions of six of her most famous music videos, including “Hero,” “Hide & Seek,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” “Do It For Love,” “WoWa,” and “Say The Word,” all featuring her Genies avatar. 

Genies unique avatar technology allows users to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Within the app and each platform, you can search through an extensive library of clothing and then animations using keywords, categories (happy, FML, ugh, let’s party, sleepy, etc.), or topical action packs that are released every week. 

Genies CEO Akash Nigam related, “Our team couldn’t be more excited to kickoff this partnership with Namie as we continue to expand into new markets and attract top talent. We know Namie always prided herself on interesting collaborations around the world and we know we’ll do great things together in the emerging avatar space.”