Yungblud Spreads the Love at His High-Energy Los Angeles Concert: Recap

Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

YUNGBLUD performs at The Fonda Theatre on Sept. 17, 2019 in Los Angeles. 

Going to a Yungblud concert is half punk rock show, half therapy session. The 22-year-old took the stage at the sold-out Fonda in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (Sept. 17), and blended his angsty tunes and fiendish stage display with messages of love and acceptance for his fans.

“Each and every one of us in this room is a f—ing family, man, and in this family you can be whoever the f— you want to be,” he shouted at the crowd of young adults of every size, shape and color, who received the proclamation with venue-shaking cheers. “You could look like whatever the f—- you want to look like. You could love whoever the f— you want to love.”

“Look around yourselves, these people have got your back. Before we found each other, before I found you, I was so f—ing alone. But you know what? I will never ever, ever be f—ing alone again,” he said before encouraging his audience to put their arms around each other and scream, “I love you,” as loud as they can.

The bond and adoration between the fans and Yungblud were present before he even took the stage. In the 20 minutes leading up to the set, the crowd repeatedly chanted the singer’s name, and delved into a venue-wide rendition of the childhood classic, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” The unparalleled enthusiasm and clear dedication to finding happiness in the air last night was a tangible representation not only of Yungblud’s connection to the youth, but also his ability to inspire them to conquer inner battles and be satisfied with exactly who they are, no matter what that looks like.

The rocker then performed a dynamic hour-and-a-half set of fan favorites like “Parents” and the Machine Gun Kelly collaboration “I Think I’m OKAY,” as well as cuts like the fittingly titled “California” and “King Charles,” an anti-capitalist and anti-hate anthem which was “dedicated to Donald f—ing Trump.”

A standout moment of the night was halfway through the show, when Yungblud left the stage and a spotlight was shone onto the crowd. A voice over the speaker frantically explained that the singer had escaped from a mental facility and is extremely unstable and extremely dangerous. In order to “find him,” the voice insisted that the crowd made a circle around the spotlight. Suddenly, a group of masked men who were present throughout the show plow through the audience and Yungblud reveals himself in the midst of his fans. The crooner then performed his poignant tune, “Kill Somebody,” to a sea of cell phone lights and the crowd singing the lyrics back, a quite beautiful and heartening moment to juxtapose (and, in a way, overcome) the tune’s crestfallen message.

Catch part of the moment below via a fan Twitter account, and check out the rest of Yungblud’s tour dates here.


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