Rihanna Sends Text During 'Slave Play' Broadway Show, Sparks Twitter Debate Over 'Theatre Etiquette'

Rihanna attended a performance of the popular Broadway show, Slave Play, on Saturday night (Sept. 14), which seemed fun and innocent until a thankful tweet from the playwright turned sour.

Jeremy O. Harris, the show's writer, posted a photo of himself laughing and hugging RiRi, with the caption, "Two things I learned today about the Type of theatre maker I am: When my idol texts that she’s running late. I hold the curtain for her. When my idol texts me during a play I’ve written, I respond."

Again, seemed pretty innocent, until a number of critics condemned Rihanna for "texting throughout the performance." "Stop applauding her behavior," one user added.

As the debate over "theatre etiquette" heated up, Harris quickly came to Rihanna's defense, slamming "miss me w tweets chastising anyone in my audience for using a phone to send a text." He followed up with a slew of tweets about his ambivalence toward cell phone use in the theater, and even cheekily retweeted a comment about Hamilton producers starting a show late when Vice President Mike Pence was there.

"When Dionysus is coming you hold the curtain," Harris ended the debate by praising his "demi-goddess" Rihanna.

See it all go down below.