Halsey Announces 'Manic' Album Title, Begins Painting on Mysterious Live Stream

David Needleman

Halsey photographed on Aug. 6, 2017 at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago.

Fans have been itching to know more about the upcoming album Halsey has been hinting about, and now there's an official title. The songstress took to Twitter on Thursday (Sept. 12) to announce that her third album will be called Manic.   

Manic follows 2017's hopeless fountain kingdom and 2015's BADLANDS. The Manic era was spearheaded by the angsty single, "Nightmare," and its follow-up, "Graveyard," out Friday (Sept. 13). 

The link in the tweet leads to a website, featuring a live YouTube video of Halsey painting something. The video is titled "Graveyard Out 9/13," so the piece could be related to the second single. At the time of publication, it's unclear what the songstress is creating, but fans are believing that she might be using the blue and pink tones to create Manic's cover art.

Check out her artistic progress below.