Billie Eilish Unfollowed YouTuber Tana Mongeau on Instagram & She Made a 15-Minute Video About It

Tana Mongeau is a huge Billie Eilish fan. A few months back, the YouTuber uploaded a video in which she dressed like the 17-year-old songstress for a week. The two even followed each other on Instagram.   

On Wednesday (Sept. 4), Billie unfollowed Tana, which led to the YouTuber's decision to upload a 15-minute video in mourning. The clip sees the 21-year-old go through the black-and-white motions similar to a devastating break up as "when the party's over" plays in the background. She sits in a bathtub with Eilish-esque clothes on, cleans the house in Billie merch and stares blankly into a sunset.  

"I know Billie unfollows people and then refollows new people to keep her following at 666, but I didn't know when the party was going to be over, you know?" she explains through tears.  

The tragedy comes after Eilish expressed her disapproval of Mongeau's rapid engagement to controversial social media star Jake Paul. She left two comments on the announcement post: "eek" and "yikes." Mongeau also included in her video a screenshot of a DM she sent Eilish asking if she was coming to the wedding, to which the superstar simply replied "no."

Watch it all unfold below.