Katy Perry Shares Behind the Scenes Look Into Her 'Small Talk' Music Video Outfits

Katy Perry - Small Talk
Courtesy Photo

Katy Perry, "Small Talk"

Katy Perry's colorful "Small Talk" music video is full of vibrant, throwback looks. In a new behind-the-scenes video uploaded to the singer's Instagram page on Tuesday (Sept. 3), the clip's costume designer Phoenix Mellow talks the process of making the iconic looks.  

"The color combinations and the rooms and the contestants, everything was thought through," Mellow explains. "We definitely went with a 70s theme for the contestants and the show, I think Katy's sort of old Hollywood style, so it's kind of over the top."

She even chatted about Perry's dog's looks for the video. "Nugget was basically all made to order after we knew what Katy was wearing, because it shows their friendship and they have to match."

Check out the full clip via IGTV here, and wacth the "Small Talk" music video below.