'Drama Drama': Watch the Trailer for the Anti-Bullying Girl Group Movie

Drama Drama
Courtesy of All For One Media

A scene from Drama Drama.

When five girls from different social circles are forced to work together to combat bullying in the school, they end up discovering a shared love of music and form a girl band fittingly called Drama Drama. 

The Drama Drama movie and band come from Brian Lukow. Having worked with Dream Street and Huckapoo in the past, his group's songs have appeared in over a dozen Disney TV shows and motion pictures.

"I think the movie Drama Drama is the first time in history that a movie is launching a band," Lukow tells Billboard. "It's a modern-day Grease and Spice Girls meets High School Musical. That's the way I would describe it."

Starring Ana Golja, Michelle DeFraites, ZONTA, Carlye Tamaren, Amelia DeMilo and SNL alum Cheri Oteri, the movie blends live concert performance and musical theater, rolling them into a delicious pop treat. But it also captures the nuances of high school: teen angst, unrequited love, bullying and peer pressure.

The anti-bullying theme came from Brian, who experienced it as a parent when one of his children went through it. He learned that kids don't typically come out and tell their parent but the signs (withdrawal, change of personality, sadness) are usually there. And that there can be life-long damages from bullying.

Brian felt the movie was a fun platform to introduce the theme of anti-bullying, coupled with the message of 'being true to yourself.' Watch the trailer exclusively below.

Ana Golja (Zoe Rivas on Degrassi: Next Class), who plays London in Drama Drama, recently co-starred alongside John Travolta in The Fanatic, directed by Limp Bizkit's frontman Fred Durst (out Aug. 30). "John is incredible, professional, he is always prepared, he was always in character and made me a better actor. I was very privileged to work with him, he is a very sweet guy," she told Billboard.

When asked about comparisons to Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez, she said, "It's an honor to be compared to such beautiful, inspiring, talented women, so it's a compliment, but of course, I have my own identity and art and I hope eventually people come to realize and accept who I am." Ana has been working on an album which will be released by the end of 2019.

Michelle DeFraites, who plays Sydney, married After Romeo band member T.C. Carter in May after dating for 10 years. She opened up to Billboard about experiencing bullying herself. "Coming from such a small town in Mississippi wanting to move to L.A. and being an actor -- it's such a bizarre concept. I was a freshman in high school when I first started making the trek back and forth to L.A., so when my friends would see I was leaving school weeks at a time and they would find out why I would hear like snickering and people not believing. There were videos going around online, people making fun of things that I was working on in L.A. I even heard a story that a teacher held up a video that I had done and they were making fun of it in the classroom, teacher and students, my best friend called me and said, 'this is insane, what's going on?' So even in high school dealing with that and not even being there, the bullying got to me and affected me because this is my dream but people made me feel stupid for having a dream that was so big. But realizing that just motivated me to move to L.A. permanently to be around people that are like-minded. You need to find those like-minded people because that's what's really going to keep you going and prevent you from feeling alone."

"Drama Drama was always designed to be a movie that could stand on its own to feed kids who would love and identify with the characters. It's also a launching pad for the group so it's unique in that way," Lukow says. "The characters survive the movie, the world is a stage and these five girls portray these characters whether they're in concert or an autograph signing or in a photoshoot. They are stylized to fit their characters."

The movie, which does not yet have a release date, is a prelude to the Drama Drama band, which will launch in the winter of 2020.


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