Labrinth Talks 'Euphoria,' Working With Zendaya & Beyoncé, & Forming His LSD Supergroup: Watch

Labrinth recently sat down with Billboard to play “Fishing for Answers,” as he chatted about the HBO show Euphoria, working with both Zendaya and Beyoncé, and how his LSD supergroup with Sia and Diplo first came together.

The first question Labrinth pulls out of the fish bowl focuses on “All For Us,” his recent musical collaboration with Zendaya which appeared in the final moments of the season one finale of Euphoria.

Asked what it was like to work with the show’s star on the track, Labrinth tells Billboard that it was “pretty surreal” because he was originally working on the song for his next album. “To see it evolve into something that became part of the Euphoria experience, and then of course to visually see my record on a HBO show, was mind-blowing,” he confesses.

As for how the opportunity to score Euphoria arose in the first place, Labrinth reveals that he had met the show’s creator Sam Levinson a few years ago, and remembers that he was “insanely passionate” about music. The two discussed their love of music and how it is approached in film, and Levinson mentioned wanting to get Labrinth involved in a show.

“At the time I didn't know what it was exactly for, it just felt like we had great chemistry,” notes Labrinth. “It just evolved from there.”

In the interview, Labrinth also discusses LSD, his supergroup with Sia and Diplo, explaining that he and Sia are big fans of each other and share an intense love of music. After sitting down together for a joint writing session for what was meant to be a few tracks for Labrinth’s album, they realized that they had essentially written an entire album together.

“Sia was like, ‘I'd love to be in a band with you,’” recalls Labrinth. “Then we called Diplo and there was our band. It was that simple.”

Another question Labrinth pulls prompts him to discuss working with Beyoncé on “Spirit,” her song for the new Lion King film.

“Most artists I work with, they don't have as much involvement in the creation of their records. A lot of people don't write or produce,” says Labrinth. “Seeing how involved Beyoncé was with the record…it just kinda gave me a whole new respect for her as an artist, and also just how incredibly kind she was, and how lovely she was as a person…I'm a mega fan now.”

You can check out the full video interview with Labrinth above.