Jack Tempchin Shares Glenn Frey Co-Write 'One More Time With Feeling': Lyric Video Premiere

Jack Tempchin
Joel Piper

Jack Tempchin

After revealing a posthumous co-write with Glenn Frey on his new album One More Time With Feeling (Aug. 23) -- whose title track lyric video is premiering exclusively below -- Jack Tempchin says there's more where that came from.

"There are a few more, yeah," the Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee -- who wrote the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling," co-wrote "Already Gone" and co-wrote songs for Frey's solo albums -- tells Billboard. "It's between five and 10 more things in various stages. There's a couple that are really almost completely done, and then there's others that are partial. But I've got at least a couple that I'm very excited about that I started with Glenn and never quite recorded them." Tempchin has reached out to some colleagues to help him finish the songs over the years but ultimately decided that "it's me or nobody -- otherwise no one's going to hear it."

Tempchin discovered the "One More Time With Feeling" track among a cache of demos he and Frey, who passed away during January of 2016, had recorded before the Eagles' reunion back in 1994. "We still had songs we were working on for his next album, but we never did another album for him," says Tempchin, who did co-write the title track for Frey's final solo album, 2012's After Hours, which featured mostly Great American Songbook covers. "('One More Time...') is kind of a classic, simple lover story with a great groove. You can hear Glenn in it a lot. It was just a thrill to finish it."

One More Time With Feeling, releasing on Jimmy Buffett's Mailboat Records, also includes a new versions of "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "True Love," as well the original "Never Had the Chance to Say Goodbye," a farewell tribute to his friend and collaborator. And Tempchin feels that with Frey's son Deacon and Vince Gill, the elder Frey's Eagles legacy is in good shape.

"The Eagles are fantastic with Deacon and Vince Gill," Tempchin says. "I was sitting in San Diego listening to them play 'Peaceful Easy Feeling,' and San Diego's where I wrote the song and I’m going, 'Wow, it's 40-some years later and I’m in an arena and everyone is singing along to this song,' which of course you would never have a clue that was gonna happen when you’re in your bedroom writing it. It was a great moment...a really major kind of completion of a circle for me."

Being inducted into the Songwriters Hall during June, meanwhile, gave Tempchin an appreciation for his past -- as well as some rocket fuel for the future. "It was just an amazing event, all about writing, and it's given me a boost being in there," he says. "I thought I must have done something right, and maybe I have a few good songs left that I can give to people. It's just a fantastic thing that I never expected to have happen."