Figs Vision Reconcile & Return With 'Choo Choo' EP: Premiere

TJ Hamouzas
Fig's Vision

After an acrimonious three-year hiatus, Figs Vision expresses some of the joy of reconciliation -- albeit in an abstract fashion -- in the video for "Boy Pressure," hailing from the Los Angeles electro pop troupe's new EP, Choo Choo, premiering below.

Directed by Jake Saner and written by Saner and Figs Vision founders Jordan Spoliansky and Gunner (son of Nikki) Sixx, the clip rolls through a series of images and scenarios that Spoliansky tells Billboard "either really happened or were analogous to things that really happened, and we tried to create something that told the story of us coming back together and what that entailed. It's a story about celebrating and rekindling." And while some of events portrayed -- such as someone drowning and getting CPR -- didn't specifically happen, everything in the video was designed to convey "themes of cleansing and care," according to Sixx.

"The trying to break through into another world and the meeting of hands that happens, even the idea of breathing life into someone who's drowning or witnessing someone in a life-threatening struggle, these are all themes (Saner) brought into this," Sixx notes. Spoliansky adds that Saner is a close friend who "was very aware of the situation we'd been through as friends, as a band."

The duo -- joined in Figs Vision by Zackary Darling and Michael Musselman -- are cryptic when talking about their time apart, and the reasons for it. Friends since meeting in a middle school music class 17 years ago, they'd released an EP and then an album in 2014 before deciding to part ways for a while. Spoliansky describes it as a "cerebral implosion" and an "exploration of chaos. We were trying to process a lot and pushing ourselves into, for lack of a better term, new creative sorts of direction, experimenting with our own states of consciousness and involving a lot of different people into our world. It turned out extremely fun and informative and inspiring, but it also took its toll on our mental state." Spoliansky and Sixx reunited last November, after what Sixx calls "a nice meeting on a shuffleboard court in the rain," after which they decided to regroup and start making music together again.

The five-track Choo Choo EP, an amalgam of electronic dreaminess and melodic pop, comes out Aug. 15 and will be celebrated with a performance on Aug. 21 at the Hi Hat in Los Angeles. Sixx says playing live is "definitely something we intend to take as seriously as possible," and both he and Spoliansky say there's more material where Choo Choo came from.

"We've made a lot of songs together, and these just feel right together in this configuration," Spoliansky says. "I think one of the things people say about our music is it doesn't fit in any genre and doesn't sound much like anything that's out there now. That comes from making a lot of music that doesn't even fit with the sound we're known for. You just go along until you get a group of songs that feel right together and go, 'OK, we can release that.'"


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