Tenacious D Tease 'Jack Gray' Collaboration With Jack White In Behind-The-Scenes Video: Watch

Jack White and Jack Black
Courtesy Photo

Jack White and Jack Black

For years, fans have been clamoring for Jack Black and Jack White to fulfill their destiny and work together, and it looks like the so-called "Jack Gray" collaboration has finally happened. On Saturday, Tenacious D shared a behind-the-scenes tour video that revealed the duo recorded with White during their recent stop in Nashville.

The video shows Black and Kyle Gass touring White's Third Man Records before eventually getting into a car and heading to White's home to record. "We’re heading over to Jack White’s house to record a single," Black says. "Me and KG have been working on a jam—it’s not quite done, it needs a little work, but I think that’s where Jack White comes in and helps us pull it over the finish line. This is a legendary collab. Everyone's been waiting for it. Now it's here."

Unfortunately, cameras weren't allowed during the recording, so fans will have to wait until the track is officially released, but the video also shows Tenacious D reacting afterwards. "I wish you could have been filming, because it was magical," Black says. "I just can't wait for it to come hot off the press."

The video also includes behind-the-scenes footage from their Lollapalooza set in Chicago. Check it out in full below.