Live Jeff Buckley Recordings Will Soon Be Available for Streaming

Jeff Buckley
David Tonge/Getty Images

Jeff Buckley photographed in Atlanta in August, 1994. 

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jeff Buckley's Grace album, the Buckley estate is releasing four live albums to streaming services for fans to enjoy. 

Live at Wetlands, New York, NY 8/16/94Live From Seattle, WA, 5/7/95Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, 5/13/95, and Live at Columbia Records Radio Hour will be available to stream on Aug. 23.   

On top of all that, already available Grace, Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, and Mystery White Boy will get deluxe reissues including more than 50 new tracks.

Buckley passed away in 1997 from drowning. Check out some available 25th anniversary merch here.