Cardi B Met With Bernie Sanders: 'Together, Let's Build a Movement of Young People'

They might appear to be the odd couple, but the Cardi B and Bernie Sanders alliance isn’t for messing with. 

Cardi B, the 26-year-old chart-topping Bronx rapper, has struck up an unlikely friendship with Sanders, the 77-year-old senator from Vermont and part of a four-contender pack for the 2020 Democratic nomination. And together, they're rallying the youth to change the country's course.  

The mutual respect has been building for some time. Earlier this month, the "Bodak Yellow" hip-hop star tweeted that the Democrats didn't do enough to support Sanders during his run in 2016, and that the party "let him down.”

Cardi posted the message, "This man been fighting for equal rights, HUMAN rights for such a long time. Seeing this country become a better place been really his passion for a long time not a new front for a campaign,” and in doing so, ignited a political debate with her own fans.    

The musician has since sat down with the veteran politician for a big picture chat, proof of which Cardi shared on social media. She definitely feels the Bern. 

“Not me, US. Thank you Senator Bernie Sanders for sitting with me and sharing your plans on how you will change this country,” she wrote. 

“A couple of weeks ago I asked my followers if you had the opportunity to have a question answered by a democratic candidate what would it be? I got a lot of submission and selected the most popular questions to get answered," Cardi continued. "Stay tuned to see how he will fight for economic, racial, and social justice for all. Together, let’s build a movement of young people to transform this country. LETS LEARN OUR CANDIDATES!”

According to CNN, the pair chatted about student debt, climate change and the minimum wage for a campaign video that has yet to air. 

Just last week, Sanders spoke enthusiastically about Cardi during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and admitted they'd spoken on the phone. "She is really smart and she is deeply concerned about what is happening in this country. That's the truth, she comes from a humble background... she wants to make sure that we can improve life for working people in this country," he said.

The Cardi's Instagram post below.