Oscar Scheller Debuts Delightful Lily Allen Duet '1%': Listen

Courtesy of Whiteboard PR
Lily Allen and Oscar Scheller

Singer-songwriter and producer Oscar Scheller and Lily Allen make a lovely pair on Scheller's latest release, "1%," out today (July 10).    

Spry notes of keyboard undergird the catchy tune, where Allen's robotic vocals make her sound as if she's singing through a transmitter. The melodic duet is Scheller's lead single off of his sophomore LP, HTTP404, set to be released this fall.    

The song details the modern day dilemma of a depleted phone battery, "It was inspired mostly by a conversation I was having with a girl who was taking ages to reply when I was on 1%," Scheller said in a release.   

Most recently, Scheller was credited on the Charli XCX and Brooke Candy collaboration, "XXXTC."   

Hear the full song below.