Imagine Dragons Recruit Italian Singer Elisa For Soaring New Rendition Of 'Birds': Listen

Imagine Dragons
Eliot Lee Hazel

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons have called on Italian singer Elisa for a new feature on their song "Birds."

The updated track, released on June 20, originally appeared on their album Origins.

The song still retains its pop-rock charm, but Elisa's smooth vocals give it a lift. "Sunsets, sunrises/ Livin' the dream, watchin' the leaves/ Changin' the seasons/ Some nights I think of you/ We're relivin' the past, wishin' it'd last/ Wishin' and dreamin'," she sings on the second verse.

Imagine Dragons recently appeared on the completed version of Avicii's "Heart Upon My Sleeve" the tenth track from the artist's posthumous album, Tim.

Hear "Birds (Remix)" below.