Miley Cyrus' New 'She Is Coming' Merch Includes Branded Condoms

Following the release of her highly anticipated album, She Is Coming, on Friday (May 31), Miley Cyrus unveiled a new line of merch, including a very on-brand condom.

The condom comes in a black wrapper with "She is coming, 1-833-SHE-IS-MC" written on them. Though the price is a bit steep ($20 for one condom), each purchase includes a digital download of the album.

The number on the condom refers to her latest album promo, a 1-800 number where fans can get a personal message from the star, and leave one that might be used as part of her promotional campaign.

Other products in the new line of merch include t-shirts, posters and sweatshirts. One black sweater includes a line from Miley's self-love anthem, "Cattitude": "I love my p----/That means I got cattitude."

All items, including the condom, are available here.