Diplo Reveals He Sent Travis Scott 15 Unanswered Text Messages

Eli Russell Linnetz 

We've all been there: you meet someone, make plans, and then...nothing. Getting ghosted happens to the best of us—even Diplo

On Friday (May 24), the DJ revealed on Instagram that, despite collaborating with him on 2017's "Know No Better," he hasn't had the best luck getting Travis Scott to text him back, sending him 15 unanswered messages.

"Travis sees me after a festival and says 'Hey, let's make another song,'" he captioned the post. "Me: 'What's your new number?' Adds number, texts him the next day 'This is Diplo'...notices the number was saved and I already sent desperate-looking texts to the same number fifteen times over 5 years."

In addition to the photo of the pair talking and presumably exchanging numbers, Diplo posted a screenshot of some of those unanswered texts, which include messages like "it's diplo, think something might be wrong with my texts, hit me back" and "yo trav u must be super busy lol i know how it goes anyways hit my line my guy."

Check out Diplo's Instagram post below.