Canadian Music Week 2019: Triumph, Loud Luxury and More Honored at Live Music Industry Awards

Grant W. Martin Photography courtesy of Canadian Music Week.

Triumph’s Rik Emmett, Mike Levine and Gil Moore receive the Legends of Live award at the Live Music Industry Awards on Saturday (May 10) in Toronto.

“Body” EDM duo Loud Luxury won new touring artist of the year and Canadian rockers Triumph received the Legends of Live award at the fourth annual Live Music Industry Awards on Friday (May 10) during Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

These were the only artist honors at an event created to celebrate companies and individuals from Canada’s live music business, and the awards recognize exceptional work across festivals, venues, production, agencies and more.

Held at the Sheraton Centre Hotel, site of the three-day CMW conference, the hour-long presentation for 350 people was hosted by musician Kim Stockwood, who sang a solo version on guitar of Triumph hit “Lay It On The Line.” Lu Kala and Datsunn also performed.

Only some of the winners were invited onstage to accept their trophy and say a few words. The rest were simply announced in a video, along with the full list of nominees in the category.

Triumph, who are represented by the Feldman Agency, were honored with the Legends of Live Award, which recognizes a group or artist who has made a great contribution to the Canadian music industry through live music touring and concerts.  

The award was presented to Triumph's Mike Levine, Rik Emmett and Gil Moore’s by APA Canada head Ralph James and S.L. Feldman & Associates president Vinny Cinquemani, who called them “Canada’s rock ‘n’ roll machine."

“I've had the pleasure of being the responsible agent for Triumph since 1975 when the first album came out,” said Cinquemani. “Triumph, from 1975 until the day they decided they wanted to stop touring, was one of Canada's greatest and biggest rock bands. They have 18 gold albums abd nine platinum albums in the U. S. and Canada. They have been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Juno Hall of Fame. They’ve sold out arenas, right across Canada to the U.S.” He cited hits “Magic Power,” “Lay It On The Line,” “Hold On,” “Fight The Good Fight” and “Rocky Mountain Way.”

“We had the opportunity to get to tour with Triumph, my band, and they were unbelievably helpful for us," said James, who was once a member of the rock band Harlequin. "I learned so much from them. We shared agents. Both Harlequin and Triumph were represented by Vinny and by the late Troy Blakely at APA. With Triumph, more is more, not less is more, more is much more, and double that. The production side was crazy." He recalled when Harlequin was on an arena tour in America with Triumph and they added a date at Tulsa’s Brady Theater: “In true Triumph fashion, they brought in the entire production. It was f--in’ ridiculous."

After they ran a video clip, Emmett, Levine and Moore took the stage. The latter two did the majority of the talking, with Levine jokingly requesting to watch the segment a second time: “Can we run that clip again? That was cool.” Moore then thanked numerous players integral to the band’s career and zoomed in on one key ingredient and piece of advice.

“I’d like to talk a little bit about the way we approached the business," he said. "Maybe if there are some younger musicians in here, performers. We didn't take an adversarial relationship with promoters. We tried to work with them and we tried to work with our agents as well.  As Vinny has alluded to, he was our agent since day one. Loyalty is something that is very important in this industry. To really grow the industry you really need loyal people. I love those long relationships.”

Here is the complete winners list of 2019 Live Music Industry Awards:

Small Festival of the Year: Hillside Festival (Guelph ON)

Medium Festival of the Year: Riverfest Elora (Elora, ON)

Major Festival of the Year: Festival d’été de Québec (Quebec, QC)

Family Program of the Year: Winnipeg Children’s Festival (Winnipeg, MB)

Green Operations Festival of the Year: Skookum (Vancouver, BC)

Not-For-Profit Festival of the Year: RBC Bluesfest Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)

Best Teamwork in Soft Seat/Performing Arts Centre: National Arts Centre (Ottawa, ON)

Best Teamwork in Major Club: Danforth Music Hall (Toronto, ON)

Best Teamwork in an Arena: Budweiser Gardens (London, ON)

Best Teamwork in a Medium Club: Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto, ON)

Best Teamwork in a Small Club: The Dakota Tavern (Toronto, ON)

Concert/Club Talent Buyer of the Year: Craig Laskey (Collective Concerts)

Canadian Live Association Community Impact Award: PLUS1 Organization (Ottawa, ON)

SOCAN Licensed To Play Award: Jazz Bistro (Toronto, ON)

Agent of the Year: Julien Paquin (Paquin Entertainment Group, Management Team)

A/V Production Company of the Year: Solotech

Brand/Music Program of the Year: TD Music Junos

Production Manager of the Year: Simon Garner (Bryan Adams)

Road Warrior of the Year: Dave Gardiner (The Arkells)

New Touring Artist: Loud Luxury

Manager of the Year: Bernie Breen/Jenn Pressey (Bernie Breen Management)

Festival Buyer of the Year: Evenko (Montreal, QC)

Legends of Live Award: Triumph

Music City of the Year: Quebec, QC