Lady Lark & Har Mar Superstar Celebrate the One-Night Stand on 'Rendezvous': Premiere

Lady Lark
Asha Belk

Lady Lark

Lady Lark (aka Taylor Harris) says her mission in music is "really about having a good time, enjoying life, loving yourself, loving others." And nowhere is that more true than in her new track "Rendezvous," featuring Har Mar Superstar and premiering below from her forthcoming debut album Permission.

"'Rendezvous' is about a one-night stand," Harris tells Billboard. "There's a negative stigma about having a one night-stand, but when you think about it, if the two people involved are all about it, why shouldn't you be with somebody for one night? If you're on the same page, go for it. If you want love, go after it. That's really what the song is about, about feeling like you want to love somebody for one night, as long as everybody involved is on board. It's kind of slightly tongue in cheek, but it's saying just go for it and have fun."

Adding to Lady Lark's fun on the song -- an uptempo dance track that nods to the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis productions of Harris' native Minneapolis -- is Har Mar Superstar, whom she became friendly with after supporting him on a couple of shows last year. "I just loved his general vibe," Harris explains. "He's out there to just have a good time. Nothing is too serious. I wanted to bring that into the male part of the song, and he was gracious enough to have a little fun with me, and I really enjoyed working with him."

Permission, produced by the Minneapolis team Hair&Makeup, comes out May 10 and follows Lady Lark's 2017 debut EP Love. The overall vibe of "Rendezvous" is echoed throughout the album, which is something Harris -- whose first performance was singing a Jets song in second grade with her best friend for a school talent show -- comes to naturally.

"I'm definitely influenced by the music that came out of here" she says. "I grew up listening to Janet Jackson; the Rhythm Nation album was on repeat in my household. I remember spending hours and hours watching her music videos and thinking to myself that I could totally dance just like her. (laughs). And the sounds of Prince and stuff like that, that was part of my upbringing and what I loved about music, and I wanted to bring that sound to my music as well.

"That Minneapolis sound is definitely part of my story. I don't know that it's my whole story, but it's definitely there, and I'm proud of that."