Justin Bieber Claps Back Over Coachella Lip-Syncing Allegations & Ariana Grande Has His Back

"When are we gonna be the kind of people that find joy in adding value to one another and not tearing each other apart."

Too late to say sorry? Justin Bieber took to social media on Wednesday (April 24) to call out Morgan Stewart’s criticism of his surprise Coachella appearance with Ariana Grande.

On an episode of E!'s Nightly Pop, Stewart reacted to reports that Bieber lip-synced during his Coachella performance, saying, “Poor song started before him. OK! I did not realize it was gonna be that bad.”

On Wednesday, Bieber responded by tweeting, “@Morgan_Stewart just saw a video of you ripping me to shreds saying I was lip-syncing,” the pop star tweeted. “They played the song and i just sang overtop of it.. regardless why spend your time tearing people down. It’s People like you that are bullies at school that are making kids suicidal.”

When Nightly Pop co-host Nina Parker tried to defend Bieber, Stewart doubled down on her criticism, saying, "He definitely looks like he put an Oxy pad on that forehead but I don't care, that is fucked up!"

Bieber continued his response with a lengthy Twitter thread, telling the former #RichKids of Beverly Hills star, “What hurts about this is the fact that you have a platform to make a difference. And rather than being positive you belittle people.”

Eventually, Ariana also stepped in to defend her fellow pop star, explaining that Justin was using a backing track because she decided on his impromptu cameo “ten minutes before my set” and replying, “i don’t like when people try to ruin beautiful moments for my friends that’s all. have a good day.”

Check out Stewart’s comments and the entire Twitter exchange below.