Cardi B Goes Off on 'The Shade Room' After Negative Offset Post: 'Y'all Don't Post the Accomplishments. Y'all Post the F---ed S---'

Cardi B has had enough of negative press, especially from a black-owned publication. The rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday (April 23) in a series of videos, slamming The Shade Room for never posting postively about her family.

She pointed out TSR founder Angelica Nwandu, saying "She’s not allowed to post me, so what does she do? She posts mad s--- about people I’m associated with."

The rant comes after the publication's post on Offset's gun possession charges. "Offset donated 25K to the Ellen foundation for the kids in Africa. Did The Shade Room post it? No," Cardi said. "Is The Shade Room posting how this man is promoting a cancer free campaign? No. Are they posting any positive s--- and investment talk that he’s been talking about in his interviews? No. But they sure post the way he had drama with his baby mom. They sure posting about his court cases, right?"


Fuck outta here

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"I’m not saying, 'Oh, I only want people to post positive s--- about us,'" she continued. "At the end of the day, a blog is a blog and I feel like they got to post the good and the bad. But come on now, that biased s--- that people want to do because they on some hate campaign, they on some f--- QC, f--- Cardi B campaign like that shit is getting whack. It’s trash. How do people want us to change? For what? Why change? Y’all don’t post the change, y’all don’t post the good, y’all don’t post the accomplishments. Y’all post the f---ed shit. So, what the f---?"

After researching that TSR hasn't posted something positive about her or Offset in more than a year, Cardi then brought the drama out to the bigger picture, and what it means for racial relations in the media. "Why are they making documentaries about R. Kelly? Why are they making documentaries about Michael Jackson? Because y’all make people feel like its ok to do so," she explained. "Why wouldn’t a white Caucasian person try to capitalize on the drama that happens in the urban and black entertainment business when black-owned blogs capitalize on their own drama and problems?" 

"You don’t see Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen’s s--- going viral every year, every so, because they don’t give a f--- anymore. Back in the day, TMZ used to post about Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, all these Caucasian celebrities. Now all they do is post about hip-hop artists, people that’s in the black entertainment business because black blogs capitalize off black entertainers’ drama. Y’all barely post positive s--- about us, so why would a white blog post positive shit about us?"

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