Airplane Man Shares Driving, Propulsive 'Borderline': Premiere

Tony Shademan
Airplane Man

Airplane Man is shrouding its new single "Borderline," premiering exclusively below, in mystery.

The duo of childhood pals Daniel Feldman and Tim Sommers composed the perky synth-pop track "in the middle of undisclosed location deep in the woods somewhere between New York and Maryland," according to Feldman, who drove his Subaru Forester from Baltimore to pick up Sommers in Manhattan before heading out "to the sticks for 10 days of writing, rehearsing and recording."

Part of the inspiration, according to Sommers, "came as we drove down a dirt road towards our AirBnB" and saw a sign for Borderline Road. "We've always wanted to make something with a really aggressive, driving bass line," Sommers adds. Feldman, meanwhile, says the duo had been listening to Com Truise and Future Island during the ride to the site "and wanted to capture that driving '80s sound. We tend to make up songs constantly when we're together, and the beauty of the cabin was it allowed us to make any kind of noise at any kind of hour."

"Borderline" is the second single from Airplane Man's debut EP, Brain Damage, whose release date has not yet been determined. The duo is playing the Billboard presents Industry Nights showcase at Ludlow House NYC on April 18 in New York City, along with MUNYA.